Do you ever have the feeling that you are surviving rather than really living?
More often reacting to impulses, influences and demands, rather than taking charge of your own life and deciding for yourself?
Zen offers a practical and liberating way of living, that makes it possible to trust, appreciate and enjoy your life as it comes and goes, in good and bad times.

Zen introductory course
In this weekly course you are introduced into the practice of Zen. The first classes focus mainly on meditation practice itself and how the mind works: the interaction between thinking, emotions and moods. Later classes will also deal with the background and theory of Zen.
Each class ends with a tea ceremony and Q & A.

Tuesday September 19 till December 19.   Time: 17.45 -19.30.
No class on February 20. Teacher: John de Weerdt

Course fee
: € 245,-.
When you register on or before september 7: € 235,-.
Student rate € 200,-
Cancellation is free of charge until 10 days before the course starts.

 Open Class on Saterday September 9

For those interested in Zen and planning to take a course at Zentrum, we offer an open class on Saterday September 9, 14.00 – 15.00.
We will offer topics such as mindfulness, concentration, dealing with stress and work/study pressure and how meditation positively affects your daily activities.
And of course we will do a meditation practice, so you can experience it for yourself.
Admission is free. We hope to welcome you there. It is preferable to let us know by email if you will come to the open class. (
Individual course
For those who have little time for a complete course, it is possible to do a individual course that comprises two or three meetings of two hours.
For more information please contact or 06 – 51205829.